Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Choosing Stone

From sharp, stylish living room fireplaces, to ethereal, durable outdoor patio surfaces, natural stone is widely regarded as one of the most versatile and sustainable building materials available today.

Natural stone is impossible to really lock down; it arrives in a wealth of colors, patterns and textures depending on where it comes from. But, what each type does have in common is a great deal of durability. By installing stone, inside or out, you’re making a long-term, quality design investment.

Popular uses for stone inside of your home include fireplaces, kitchens accents and stone walls in any room. For the outdoors, many choose to use it for patios, pool areas, columns, chimneys, and even siding. No matter what the element throw at it, 100% natural stone resists fading, chipping and splitting more effectively than the synthetic building materials on the market today.

As we previously mentioned, this type of stone exists as is in nature. What’s more, unlike many other materials, stone lacks the off-gases which can negatively affect indoor air quality. By selecting natural stone, you’re being a true environmentalist - and you probably didn’t even realize it!

Granite Countertops 

Limestone Fireplace 

Marble Countertops 

Soapstone Vanity 

Finally, natural stone makes a statement: the elegance, creativity and timelessness inherent in stone is likely to age will with your home and design tastes.

Is there a particular part of your home where you’ve used stone? Are you considering it? Leave us a comment and give us a glimpse into your future design plans!

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